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Why People Decide to go Back to School

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"Why People Decide to go Back to School"
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There are reasons why people decide to go back to school. Each decision will be unique to the individual person making it and the decision arrived at for reasons that pertain to that individual’s experience, life and circumstances. However, there are some common reasons that adult students give for making the important and life-changing decision to return to education.

Many older people left school at an early age and they never got the chance to have a university education. Attitudes were different then. Many “ordinary” people felt that a higher education was only for richer people. Working class families often felt that higher education was wasted on girls. Poor people could not afford for youngsters to go to university and thus not be earning money for the family. Youngsters themselves did not really know that a university was not like school and were impatient to get out into the adult world. Many adults feel that for whatever reason that their education is incomplete or that they did not or could not make the best use of education.

Universities have opened up a great deal in recent years and are no longer ivory towers. They are accessible and, even, welcoming to mature students. Some universities even offer part time courses aimed especially at mature students. Going back to school is now much easier and less daunting for adult students.

Some people decide to go back to school for career reasons. They may need a degree to achieve promotion, or to advance much further in their career or because they want to enter an entirely new career field.

Some people go back to school to learn about a subject that they always wanted to investigate more thoroughly and never had the time to do so before. Sometimes the decision is about following a dream. Other students may decide to go back to university for the sheer love of learning. Other adult students return to education to learn more about themselves or because they want to be able to put letters after their name.

There are many good reasons for returning to school. Universities are accessible and welcoming to mature students. Your reasons for going back to education will be yours alone and particular to your life, circumstances and thoughts but the memorable moment that you graduate, clutching that prized and hard won degree in your hand will change your life forever.

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