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When Students are Attracted to Teachers

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"When Students are Attracted to Teachers"
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Students having the hots for a teacher may be common, but it can lead to fire and torture for a the teacher. Recently, my best friend was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year old. The relationship was consensual and the teacher was not actually the student's teacher at the time of the relationship. However because the law states that it was a teacher student relationship, my friend not only lost his job but also faces charges. Teachers beware! Having cute high school students notice you may seem innocent enough, but flirting often leads to relationships. The fact is that my friend was facing a difficult time in his life, and this gorgeous,intelligent, sensitive girl showed him extra attention that he was lacking.
I personally am not surprised that so many teachers get into trouble. I too am a teacher, and I notice what the students are wearing. It is horrible! The girls wear either skin tight clothing, low cut clothing, or very short clothing. I realize this is an old topic of discussion, but the current clothing styles of girls screams the idea of "I want it, and I'm looking!" Even the messages printed on t-shirts express their ideas about sexuality.!" Even the messages printed on t-shirts express their ideas about sexuality. "TRUST ME..I'M SINGLE"? Or the snug white T-shirt with, "I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT"?, "Yes, but not with u!," "Your Boyfriend Is a Good Kisser", "two boys for every girl", and "Don't Call Me a Cowgirl Until You See Me Ride." I have actually had to check to make sure my mouth did not hit the floor after seeing these and other provocative statements on girls' chests. Why should we be surprised that inappropriate relationships are rampant in the schools? After all, teachers are human, too. High school students may still be children, but their bodies look like adults. Yes, teachers need to be professional enough to say no or to get themselves out of a questionable situation, but must they constantly be bombarded with extremely provocative connotations from students? Even in workplaces outside of schools, employees have dress codes because employers recognize what can happen when one sex parades before another. So why shouldn't this apply to our schools. Our so-called dress codes are entirely too lenient. I realize girls want to attract boys. We all want to look cute or hot or even sexy. However, we need to teach our children how to dress that way without dressing slutty.
I do not mean to say that only girls throw themselves at teachers or they are the only ones who dress inappropriately because they aren't. I have tended to see this problem more with girls than with boys. Also, as I said earlier, my best friend ,who was a male teacher, was sucked into an inappropriate relationship by many different factors. I say this as a warning, high school students,especially, have their own agenda. They are raging hormones. Students can look so sweet and innocent, and due to our professions, we often want to show love and concern for them. Teachers be careful! Don't fall into the trappings of being 'the hot teacher'.

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