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Top Pre Law Internships in Washington DC

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"Top Pre Law Internships in Washington DC"
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Finding a pre-law internship can be especially challenging for undergraduate students, as many of the organizations offering programs dedicated to law are looking for students who are already enrolled in a JD program.  However, with the right amount of effort & tenacity, the right internship can always be found—and if not, it can be created. 

If you are trying to find a pre-law internship, start by looking at your local government.  Regional attorneys and law offices may not have advertised internship programs, however they would be more than happy to create one for the right student.  Many state and local government agencies have programs for undergraduates, look to see if your local judiciary can accommodate you. 

Some of the best pre-law internships are located in Washington, DC.  Interning in the capitol provides a vast number of resources to learn about the United States government system & opportunities to see the law in action.  Where else can you intern and rub shoulders with some of the country’s top lawyers, take a lunch break and see a Supreme Court case, or become familiar with some of the nation’s most competitive law schools?  The following is a list of the top 4 Pre-Law Internships in the Washington, DC area:

Georgetown University Law Center Criminal Justice Clinic
The Georgetown University law Center’s Criminal Justice Clinic was created to ensure that defendants charged with criminal allegations have access to top legal representation.  Interns with the Criminal Justice Clinic assist in pre-trial preparation, including interviewing witnesses, investigating crime scenes, and conducting comprehensive criminal background checks.  There are eight positions available which are open to undergraduate, recent graduates, and all graduate students. 

HALT – An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform
HALT conducts reform projects which aim to improve access to and reduce the costs of the United States legal system.  HALT interns work on research projects and are given a $300/week stipend for internships lasting 10-12 weeks.

Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia
The Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia is the tenth largest Attorney General office in the United States. The internship includes field trips to DC area justice attractions such as the appeals court and the DC jail, and internships are available in a vast number of fields within the law sector. 

Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia
The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia offers an investigative internship program much like that of the Georgetown Criminal Justice Clinic mentioned above.  The internship begins with an intensive training week after which interns are assigned to a specific attorney for which they complete all of the investigative work for the assigned cases. 

These are just a few of the opportunities available to pre-law students.  The above mentioned are very competitive, however they provide an experience unmatched in a location that couldn’t be better.  If you are still looking for an internship, remember that sometimes you need to create your own in order to get the experience you want.  Don’t give up!

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