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Tips for how to Balance School and having Boyfriends or Girlfriends

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"Tips for how to Balance School and having Boyfriends or Girlfriends"
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With added maturity comes added responsibility. College brings with it a wide spectrum of learning opportunities, and a tough one to manipulate is the balancing of a boyfriend or girlfriend with your increased school work load. Both need time, energy, and patience. One is fun, the other one is school work.

A key to balancing these two in a cohesive manner is to make sure that one of them is never neglected without due cause. Juggling these two is tricky, but it is certainly manageable if you set out with a clear and concise goal in mind.

If it is at all possible, the best thing to do is to get the school work out of the way first, and then to use time with your boyfriend or girlfriend as a reward. It is easier to do the thing that is disliked first, and then to have the fun. If you try to do it the other way, the fun will end up getting in the way of completing assignments on time.

Your work ethic will also be respected if you are willing to sacrifice time together in order to get some school work finished. There will also be less stress placed upon the college student if their work has been completed. This will allow for the date times to be refreshing and carefree, and spontaneity can thrive.

Balancing school work and a boyfriend or girlfriend is never an easy endeavour to undertake. The main key is the length of the relationship, which poses most of the problems. If you have been dating the same person for a long time, you have established the groundwork for how often you spend time together already. Once you are now in college, the amount of school work has changed, and the parameters once set, now must be restructured.

This poses a problem, because you do not want to spend less time with your sweetheart than you have been, but by the same token, you do not want to short-change your school work. It is difficult to juggle these things, and that can lead to a lot of stress, either on your academic situation, or on the durability of your relationship.

When it is a relatively new relationship, the inkling is always to spend far too much time together, the honeymoon phase, where you cannot bear to be out of their sight. This will also wreak havoc on your school work, and will render you useless unless you learn how to properly budget your time wisely.

When trying to balance relationships and school work, you must be fair to yourself. Try and allot as much time as possible for both activities, and try to make sure not to leave yourself without some time alone, or for other hobbies or activities. College offers so many new and exciting things, that you must ensure to leave your schedule not too tightly crammed, lest you will be ostracizing yourself from your new surroundings.

Depending on the intensity and friendship level of your relationship, perhaps you could include your boyfriend or girlfriend in your school work time. This could include working together to complete assignments, or just being in the same room together while you finish your studies. Sometimes, two people can be in the same room, and they do not have to speak to enjoy each other's company. This takes a certain level of relationship maturity, however.

Set aside some time each day just for you, and also make sure to include enough time to attend all of your classes, work, get some exercise, study, do homework, and go out and enjoy your boyfriend or girlfriend. Moderate your time, and be certain to include your partner in the budgeting of time process.

It is imperative that you do not completely devote all of your time to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or to your studies, even though they are important. Make sure to balance yourself according to your own wants, needs, desires, and personal whims and fancies. Only you know yourself perfectly well, so be certain to balance properly.

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