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The Importance of a College Magazine

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"The Importance of a College Magazine"
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A college magazine is a mirror of the college life. It reflects the literary, educational and sports activities going on in the college. It projects the important events celebrated in the college during a certain month or year. It also contains news about the college.

A lay man can judge the standard of the education of a college just by going through the college magazine. The magazine is a periodical publication and is often published once in a year. It shows the activities of students in the filed of their extra curricular enthusiasm as well as in their academic ventures. That is why every student looks forward for its publication and contributes to it. The magazine is received by the students very enthusiastically.

The magazine prepares students for their future. It gives them training in concentration of thoughts and ideas and in discipline. It can educate and prepare students for their different roles in society which they will certainly play in the near future. Students can benefit a lot by the friendly guidance of a college magazine.

The college magazine has an editorial board which consists of senior students of the college. These students' editors make preparations for the magazine under the friendly supervision of the college senior professors. The Principal of the college is the patron-in-chief of the magazine. The student editors are thus guided by the professors and they receive their first training in how to publish a magazine.

The young writers and poets get an excellent opportunity for displaying their talent. essays, short stories, poems, informative articles are written by students and are published in the magazine. This cultivates a find literary taste among the students. Amateur photographers among the college students are keen to publish photographs taken by them. Their joy knew no bound when their photographs are published in the college magazine. In this way the college magazine helps boost new talent. The young budding authors and poets are encouraged a lot when their works are published in the magazine. Obviously, it is a rare pleasure to see one's work in print in the college magazine.

The sports and cultural editors give their reports on sports events and the cultural activities like dramas, music, debates and seminars. Thus we learn a great deal about the manifold educational, literacy and sports activities of the college. We learn how many students have performed extraordinarily and won distinctions in the examinations. Such students bring credit to the name of the college.

The college magazine is a comprehensive magazine as it contains valuable articles form the college professors and from the ex-students, who want to convey about their successful career and about their interesting experiences. Thus a college magazine plays an important role in the life of college students. For old students, it revives their memories.

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