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Teaching Tips help Preschoolers Learn about Animals

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"Teaching Tips help Preschoolers Learn about Animals"
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There are various activities that you can do with preschoolers when you teach them about farm animals, zoo animals, wild animals, and sea animals.

When you start to teach preschoolers about farm animals, you can gather some pictures of the various farm animals such as: pigs, cows, chickens, hens, roosters, horses, mules or other animals that you might find on farms. As you show the preschoolers the pictures, you can tell them about each animal.

You can also read books about farm animals, and play tapes with animal sounds, so the children can learn the different sounds the animals make. When you read books about farm animals, you can see if they can tell you the kind of animal they see in the picture when you point to it.

Besides reading books, you can do a matching activity. You can take two pictures of each farm animal and mix them up. Then, you can spread them on the table and have one child match the cards. This will help the children develop visual discrimination.

A field trip to a farm would be good for children, so they could look at the real animals.

For an art activity, you can provide crayons and paper for them to draw pictures of farm animals. This will help them develop their creativity and drawing skills.

You can also have the preschoolers play with a plastic farm set and blocks so they can build a farm and grazing area for the animals.

After you have discussed farm animals with the preschoolers, you can talk to them about zoo animals such as: tigers, lions, zebras, monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, chimpanzees, birds, bears, and other animals. You can read books about zoo animals and show them the pictures of the various animals.

Taking the preschoolers to the zoo might be a good field trip for them. Children enjoy going to the zoo, and you might want to plan a picnic in the park, too. As you walk around the zoo with the preschoolers, you can talk about the different animals. You can also explain that zoo animals are usually in cages.

Matching zoo animals is another activity you might want to do. You can gather some pictures of zoo animals and lay them on the table. You need to make sure that you have two pictures of each card. One student can locate two pictures that match and continue until they have located all of the matches.

Children also enjoy playing with zoo animals, so you might want to purchase some zoo animals and containers to set up a zoo for the children's play time.

For an art project, you can provide some paper and crayons and have the preschoolers draw some zoo animals. You can also find pictures of zoo animals in magazines and cut them out so that the children can glue them to white construction paper.

There are puzzles of zoo animals that you can purchase so the preschoolers can take out the puzzle pieces and put them back into the puzzle.

You can also provide zoo books, tapes of animal sounds, or videos for the preschoolers to enhance their knowledge of zoo animals.

When you have taught the preschoolers about zoo animals, you might want to teach them about wild animals. They are the same kinds of animals that are in the zoos, but they are left in the open areas such as the jungle, woods, country, or places like Africa.

Watching videos of wild animals can be a great activity for preschoolers.

You can also read books to the children about the wild animals, and provide books that they can look through on their own.

Another activity for the preschoolers is to provide magazines that have several pictures of wild animals and have them cut out the pictures. Then, you can have them glue the pictures onto white paper and make a collage of wild animals.

You also might want to purchase a collection of wild animals for the children to play with during their play time. They can also use blocks or plastic trees for a wooded area.

After learning about wild animals, you can teach the preschoolers about sea animals such as fish, octopus, and other animals that you would find in the sea. You can read books about sea animals to the children and show them the different kinds of animals.

One activity you can do with the preschoolers is to purchase an aquarium and some fish, plants, food, and other equipment you might need for the aquarium. This would help preschoolers see the animals swim and learn more about them as you and the children take care of them.

Children learn by watching videos, so you might want to provide a video about sea animals and talk to the children about the animals.

You can also provide white paper and crayons and have children color the bottom half of the paper blue and draw sea animals in the water.

Another activity is similar to the above. You can provide white paper and magazines of sea animals. You can pass out the paper and have the children color the bottom half blue. Then, you can pass out the magazines and have the children look for sea animals and cut out pictures and glue them to their white paper where they colored the sea blue.

There are a variety of activities you can do with your preschoolers to teach them about the different kinds of animals.

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