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Teachers are now Slacking off in Class more than their Students

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"Teachers are now Slacking off in Class more than their Students"
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We've all heard the story of the kid who lets his friend copy his essay or his test - only to find that his friend got a better mark than he did?  How is this possible?  If two children submit the exact same content, shouldn't they be kept after school under suspicion of cheating?  Or, at the very least, does't the same content deserve the same mark?

The only explanation for this sort of thing, which is happening more and more, is that some teachers are now slacking off more than the children they teach.  I remember getting work back sometimes with a mark on the top, and no red pen corrections anywhere, nor any comments at the end to justify the mark.  If there were no mistakes for my teacher to circle, why did I get a B instead of an A?

There are too many teachers nowadays who photocopy sheets of fill-in-the-blanks or math problems to keep the kids busy while they catch up on something they're behind on, or just catch up on the daily newspaper.  These are the teachers who don't bother to walk around the classroom looking for kids having trouble who need some help; these are the teachers who barely bother to teach.  After all, why should they care?  They get to decide how the marks are handed out, so as long as they give out marks that match what the marks would be if they had bothered to teach, chances are their slacking won't get caught.

Of course it is the children who suffer from this.  It's not rare to find high school students who struggle reading books meant for third graders.  It's a tragedy when teachers start to think that it is the students' job to learn, rather than their jobs to teach.  You can't stand at the front of a class talking for ten minutes, hand out some busy work, and think you've done your job.

These lazy teachers are giving a bad name to the teachers who work their butts off to give their students everything they can.  There are teachers who put in extra hours, spend lots of time planning creative and fun lessons, and get to know each child as an individual to maximize their learning potential.  The sad thing is though, that these teachers are a dying breed.  Today's new teachers grew up in the gimme-everything-now era of the Internet and video games.  They skimmed their way through school and teachers' college and are barely more mature than the students they're supposed to be teaching.  This is a shame and new teacher evaluation systems must be put in place to reward the honest, hardworking teachers, and get the lazy ones out of there.

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