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Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas Winter Themes

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"Sunday School Bulletin Board Ideas Winter Themes"
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A winter themed Sunday school bulletin board can be both an attractive display and an educational resource for students of all different ages. There are many ways that you can design such a board.

"How you can help others during the winter" bulletin board

In many Sunday school classrooms, an important lesson is learning to help others and give of yourself. You can teach these good morals with a winter bulletin board. For instance, you can show pictures of how you can help others during the winter season. It may be about offering to shovel snow for an elderly neighbor. It may be inviting a cold friend over for some warm hot chocolate. It could be about donating old jackets and warm clothing to those in need for the winter. You could show illustrations of these different actions as well as write out captions. If the children are young, then you could even make the bulletin board into one big comic strip showing a character performing these actions. You can also get the children involved by having them draw pictures of ways that they can help others during the winter season.

Christmas related bulletin board

Of course Christmas is the focus of many kids during the early winter, and your Sunday school bulletin board can focus on this extremely important holiday. You can make it fun with pictures of Santa Claus and the reindeers. You can make something very religious with a picture of the Nativity. You can use it to teach the children about the story of the Nativity and the different people who were there. You can decorate it with other Christmas motifs such as Christmas trees and wreaths.

You can also combine the two ideas by showing some of the good things that one can do during Christmas. For instance, you can show on your bulletin board pictures of kids donating Christmas toys to families who do not have enough money to get their own. The kids can show the good that they do on Christmas.

New Year bulletin board

Of course the New Year is another special event during the winter. You can focus on the resolutions that children make to better themselves, their families and their world. For instance, you could have them draw a picture illustrating their resolutions to display as the board.

A winter themed bulletin board can be great to display in a Sunday school classroom. The above ideas may work for your board.

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