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Should Primary School Students have to Wait until a Scheduled Bathroom Break to go to the Toilet – No

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"Should Primary School Students have to Wait until a Scheduled Bathroom Break to go to the Toilet - No"
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Of course they shouldn't. As a student myself there have been so many times where I've sat through lessons with my legs crossed hardly getting any work done - or the work that I did do was so awful because I couldn't sit still or concentrate!  Students - especially primary school children - should not be expected to wait until the next break, even if the current lesson is after a break. When you need to go it comes on suddenly, you can't plan when you need to use the bathroom. I appreciate that some students will take advantage of it as an excuse to stay off lessons, but if they act like that, are they really worth teaching anyway?

It’s essential that students can have a break to go to the bathroom when they need to, and not when scheduled breaks are. Nobody has the right to say when people can go to the bathroom, and I think in every school there should be rules against not letting students go to the bathroom in lesson times. I think the rule would have to be managed and if the students take advantage of it, then the ones that do should be punished, instead of punishing everyone for something a few people do, which so often happens in schools. It is not safe, especially for children, to ‘hold it’. When your body says you should go, you should. Your body has more sense than a teacher saying you have to wait, it needs to flush the toxins from your body, and that’s why it’s telling you to go to the bathroom.

Surely no one can learn effectively if they are being held back from their basic human rights by their own teachers. Primary school children learn from bonding with their teacher, and while the teacher does need to be strict and lay down basic rules, keeping the student from going to the bathroom until a scheduled break should not be one of them. How embarrassing must it be to a primary school child if they can’t hold on and let it out? This could attract bullying to the child for life, just because of one rule. Many students are bullied, and if there are rules like this then the students self confidence will be even lower. You can’t be too lenient with the rule, or the students are likely to abuse it, but denying them a right to go to the bathroom when they need to go is unfair, and should not be done. Think of the potential problems.

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