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Should Physical Education be Mandatory

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"Should Physical Education be Mandatory"
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Healthy Mind-Healthy Body

Our high school students are becoming lazy, slow and less motivated. If you mix there ever increasing low self-esteem with their weight, a problem begins to rise to the surface. We are losing them to video games and television, and we need to come up with a happy medium. Most students believe that because of time constraints and lack of guidance there are no ways of finding the right opportunity to participate in physical activity. There is also been an increasing level of academic demand on high school students then there used to be. Add it all up and health risks develop too.

Physical education comes from the Latin words "physica", physics and "educatio". Meaning the training of the bodily organs and powers with a view to the promotion of health and vigor ( Historically you can date physical education back to the ancient Chinese in approximately (c.2500 B.C.). They were able to develop a system of exercise and training that helped promote mental development.

Currently, our government is responsible for the mandatory regulations that are present. Students are enforced to participate in a form of physical activity each day until Senior High School, grades eleven and twelve. Physical education should become a mandatory requirement throughout the student's scholastic career.

Opposition may argue that if an individual does not have the desire to participate in physical activity that he or she may never. Young Adults shouldn't be forced to participate in courses they have no interest in but, if they aren't forced too, where will they participate in activity? Most of the general population cannot afford to have the proper equipment to participate in particular sporting events. If P.E. isn't made mandatory the students of today won't gain the benefits the program can provide.

Physical Education helps to promote students to participate in sports they may not have known they had an interest in. Track and Field for example, is a valuable team competition sport that allows students the freedom of choice in what events they feel to participate in. From there an interest in another team sport may rise to the surface. Football helps to promote social functioning both on and off of the field. The team wants to excel and to help accomplish that dream they will work together. The people on the sidelines help to promote social functioning by interacting with one another and the team. They also want their particular team to excel and are willing to help cheer them along.

Physical, intellectual, and social skills are all improved while participating in sporting activities. Other subjects such as Mathematics may not provide all these skills. The objective of physical education should be to teach skills for the leaders of today and tomorrow. Educators, students and politicians should come together to insure Physical Education is made mandatory at the eleven and twelve levels immediately. The Chinese had it right; a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

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