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Should Children be Forced to Hold their Pencils Correctly – Yes

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"Should Children be Forced to Hold their Pencils Correctly - Yes"
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It does matter how children hold their pencils. My husband is the perfect example for the reasons children should be forced to hold their pencils correctly. Being stubborn as possible, he never learned to correctly hold his pencil. Not only is his writing very sloppy, but he has a hard time writing for long period of time, it hurts his hands. This could have all been corrected had someone forced him to hold his pencil correctly.

Having sloppy hand writing hurts his job performance. There are many positions where you are required to write sometimes. When he needs to write something he has to print very slowly so other people can read it. His hand writing also affects his personal life. It hard to read notes he leaves behind at home.

Now our youngest son, a spitting image of his father, struggles with not only the correct way to hold a pencil but also holding a knife correctly. He tries to claim his way of writing is easier, but the writing comes out very sloppy. As soon as I make him switch the pencil to be help correct his writing improves amazingly.

Not only does holding a pencil correctly help to improve the look of their writing but it has helps to prevent other problems such as carpal tunnel. It always amazes me how people think they know better then the experts and try to make their own way to write. Eventually, when it is too late, they find out the experts where right. The problems like carpal tunnel can be very painful and affect a person’s daily life. The problems could make it hard to lift objects or rotate the wrist. Some of these problems can be surgically corrected, but it is easier to prevent by just simply holding the pencil correctly.

Incorrectly holing a pencil will make the hand tire out faster. Writing will be very messy. Children who hold their pencil wrong with also hold their crayons and markers wrong. Coloring will become a chore because it will be harder for them then other children. Eventually the child will dislike coloring.

Drawing will also become more difficult. Holding the pencil correctly will give the hand more movement. Incorrectly holding the pencil will limit the drawing abilities. It is like only being able to draw straight lines while other people can draw curved lines. If a person switches to correctly holding their pencil they will find increase mobility and the ability to write or draw more.


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