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Schools Checking Students Property

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High schools should have the right to inspect the private property and lockers of students. There are so many safety issues in today's world and by checking these things those risks would be greatly lowered.There are a few things that can be done to make sure that only the bags and lockers of students who are suspected of possession of illegal things are checked, which would make most students happier about the checks.

As a high school student I think that the schools do have a right to check our things.Too many students bring guns or drugs into the school that endanger everybody else in the building. By allowing teachers and staff to check our bags for illegal substances the safety at schools would be much more enhanced and less problems would arise with them. Students wouldn't bring them to school if they knew they were more likely to get caught.

I will be honest I don't like the idea of people going through my bag but I don't have anything to worry about, so I would let them. . Bringing illegal things onto school property is pure stupidity because the students know that there is a higher risk, and greater punishment if found on school property with something illegal.

At my high school and middle school the district brings in the drug dogs once every month or so and walk them around all the lockers. If the dogs bark, indicating they smell something, then they open that locker. This helps save time and helps to find the guilty students. I think this is fine because the dogs find almost everything and therefore every student who has some kind of drug substance is found and the ones who don't have anything are spared the check. By doing this the students who don't want to be checked wouldn't have to worry about the hassle as long as they don't have anything.

The lockers are school property and so the schools have the right to check them. Before we can get one we have to sign a slip of paper saying we agree to let the administrators and our SRO (School Residing Officer) check our lockers at any time. Most student don't care about the lockers being checked, but our bags are the main concern. By enforcing a bag check students would be more safe and that is the main concern. In today's society so many crazy things happen like school shootings and if we can avoid those than we should. The students safety is more of a concern than students wants in this situation.

Schools definitely have the right to check students private property with today's issues in society. The concerns about the safety of our students is what is most important in this situation and we have to do everything in our power to protect them. If by checking bags and lockers we can minimize risks for students to come into harms way than it has to be done.

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