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Reasons why you should Pursue two Majors in College

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"Reasons why you should Pursue two Majors in College"
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If you are a high school senior trying to be ambitious in college, or if you find that one major just leaves you too much time for parties, you might want to consider dual majors. Dual majors are good if you are looking to cram in some extra classes, or if you might have some class slots open because of credits earned in high school. Whatever the reason you might want to pursue two majors in college, there are some good reasons to follow through.

First of all, it will look really good on your resume. When you walk into an interview, it will probably be the first thing that they look at when they see your education. I am sure that anyone would be impressed that you were able to finish two majors, and I am sure that they would give you extra points. If one major can get you in the door, two should get you in the door with a job and a paycheck.

Secondly, it will look good if you ever wanted to get into a graduate program. If you have completed two majors, it will say a lot about your character, and your work ethic. This will allow you to not only get favorable reviews, but also get those letters of reccommendation that you will probably need to get into a graduate program.

When you pursue two majors, it is like going to college twice in one shot. It will give you much flexibility for later on in your career. If you major in both criminal justice, and law, you could be a cop or a judge, a prosecutor or a lawyer. That kind of flexibility is going to be really cool when you are burned out in one area, or feel like you would like to take a shot in some other area.

If you have two majors, it will prepare you for life following college. You might need to get into grad school, or you might have to take more exams before you can get a real job in your field. That means you might need two jobs to make ends meet for a short period of time. If you have more schooling, but have loans to start paying back, you might be in debt for awhile. Dual majors will teach you time management, and how to deal with two jobs at the same time.

There are many good reasons to pursue two majors in college. It makes a good resume builder, and it shows your work ethic. It can help you get into grad school, or help you get into whatever job you might just be on the edge for. It will give you career flexibility, and will teach you good time management skills. Dual majors are hard, but worth it if you can manage to.

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