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Methods Students use to Cheat

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"Methods Students use to Cheat"
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Cheating is all too common in schools of every level and type.  Even good children will sometimes resort to such practices.  The following are the ways in which students might accomplish this.  

Bring a “cheat” sheet

A lot of students cheat by making a cheat sheet.  They might write the information on a small piece of paper.  They could hide that in any number of places such as up their sleeve, under their other papers or so forth.  If you have the students take out blank pieces of paper to do the test on, then you should make sure to look through them because hidden in those blank pieces of paper could be a cheat sheet. 

Write answers on their hand/arms/etc.

A lot of students will use themselves as the cheat sheet.  The writing may be so little that you would really need to get right next to them to see it.  Be on the lookout for anyone who seems to glance at their hand. Other students may also write it on their desks.

Look at their friend’s papers

A lot of students just glance at their friend’s papers.  You might want to have the desks arranged so that this is not so easy. 

Whispering answers

Students might whisper the answers to each other.  They also might pass a note with the answers.  Listen and look carefully for any such cheating methods. 

Innovative miscellaneous methods

Some students who would otherwise get an F on the test might get an A on their creativity in cheating.  They might devise a system before the test to share the answers with each other.  For instance, one person might tap with their hands or feet to indicate the answer to multiple choice questions (tap once for A, twice for B, etc).  Another method is to cough or make another little noise.  They may also have some material stashed somewhere outside the classroom and then ask to go to the bathroom.  They might look at the answers when they are outside of the classroom.  You also might have a problem if you have several classes taking the same test at different times.  The students in the earlier class are likely to share some questions with the people in the later class thus you might want to switch the questions. 

Cheating is a common problem in school, and teachers should know what exactly to be on the lookout for.  The above methods are common ways that students might choose to cheat.

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