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Jungle Ideas for Young Children

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"Jungle Ideas for Young Children"
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Jungle theme activities for preschool are a fun and exciting idea.  They will get the young children to learning about nature, animals and having a good time.  What are some jungle theme activities for preschool?  Let us think.

One idea is to start by reading jungle stories for the class, and there are some classics. There is actually many African and Indian Folktales about the jungle and they should be in the school library.  If not, they can be purchased over the Internet.  There was the every popular "Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling, and he also wrote the "Just So Stories", short tales about jungles around the world and animals that live in them.  You could even make some paper bag puppets and act out the stories.

After reading the stories and folktales, get the class to create a jungle by drawing flowers, using chairs and tables as trees and homes and then they could become the animals!  this can be really fun as you get the children to make masks of different creatures.  There are monkeys, gorillas, lions, tigers and bears!  Don't forget giraffes, zebras and hippos as well as rhinos and even snakes.  The jungle is alive with animals and this will get them excited in learning about the jungle animals.

Not as interactive, but certainly quieter and easier to do is to get some jungle movies and let the children watch them.  There are cartoon ones from Disney, George of the Jungle, and then several put out by National Geographic and Discovery Channel. The kids will almost always watch television, and they all love animal stories.

If the preschool has Internet, call up images of some of the more spectacular jungle flowers, there are millions. Now get the children to draw their favorites and then paste them all together into a class book.  Photocopy the book and each child can take it home to show their parents.  It becomes a jungle theme idea  to treasure and share!

Other activities include jungle theme puzzles, jungle theme Lego sets and they could try to learn the various birds that live in the jungle, as ell as frogs and insects!  You could try playing jungle music ("In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight") and then get the children to create jungle songs.

There are a lot of jungle theme activities for preschool, try some out!

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