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Ideas for the Salutatorian Speech at Graduation

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"Ideas for the Salutatorian Speech at Graduation"
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 The salutatorian speech is very important.  You will have a captive audience of your graduating class, and your words can make a big difference to your fellow students, teachers and family members.  The following are some ideas for your speech.

Start with a bang

You want to get their attention right away.  This can make them more likely to listen to your speech and less likely to just tune it out.  You might have a very poignant quote that you can start with.  Make sure that it is something that will be truly meaningful to the students and not just something that they will roll their eyes over.  Others like to start with a short story.  This can engage the audience.  It can be something humorous or interesting that happened to you, something that happened to someone else or even something fictional.  You want to get them interested in what you have to say.

Talk about the past

A lot of salutatorians talk about where the students have been.  You can discuss the many changes that have come as you have gone through the years of school.  You can talk about some of the school accomplishments such as sports wins, which might engage the students.  You can talk about the accomplishments that many of the students have made so that they can feel proud of themselves.  Help the students understand what a monumental day this is.  It is the culmination of many years of hard work, many days working on projects, school work and so much more.  It signifies an amazing amount of learning.  For many it signifies the ending of childhood and the entrance into adulthood.

Visions of the future

A good thing to put into your salutatorian speech is visions for the future.  You can talk about the colleges that a lot of the students will be going to as well as the other paths that students are taking such as joining the military or travelling.  You can discuss even further along, when the students will be entering the workforce and having families.  Of course, do not make your speech ridiculously lofty, but try to get the students thinking about the future and the amazing times ahead of them.

A salutatorian speech can be humorous, nostalgic, and induce reflection.  It can let students think about the past and give them visions of the future.  Consider the above ideas when planning your speech.

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