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How to Make Money while going to Grad School

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"How to Make Money while going to Grad School"
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Attending graduate school is a complicated thing indeed. Many graduate school students want to find ways to earn money while in school but their studies are so intense and so focused that they find they have little time. This is concerning to graduate school students because they have already spent several years in college and they are looking for money-making options. The best money making option for a graduate school student is tutoring. 

Tutoring is a great option for making money as a graduate student because it gives you more money in less time. Many tutors charge anywhere from $15 to $35 per hour. You can tutor a wide range of ages from three to eighteen. You can tutor english, reading, writing, math, science, history and my favorite English as a Second Language. You can even tutor ACT prep or SAT prep. This will be the best way for a graduate student to make money because you can have less hours and yet make a good deal of money. You can also build a relationship with your tutoree. It is a good experience as well. 

Many other jobs such as working at a restaurant or working at an office may be good jobs but they will not compare in terms of time and money to the tutoring jobs you could find. A graduate student is also well-qualified to tutor as a job because of their education status. They will have an easier time getting tutoring jobs than undergraduate students. It is also nice because it can bolster your education/tutoring resume for future work if you want to continue after graduate school. If you are in between jobs or something of that sort, a tutoring job can be a great transition job especially because SAT prep and ACT prep can be full-time good paying jobs if you join a company or gain enough cliental. 

I hope that this article helped you learn more about tutoring and helped you see how tutoring might help you earn money while going to graduate school. I have found tutoring, though I am an undergraduate, to the best way to make money in college by far. This is definitely true if you live near a metropolitan area or a large city. I wish you the best luck in your future endeavors and hope you are able to make money while going to your graduate school. 

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