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How to Maintain a Passion for Teaching

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"How to Maintain a Passion for Teaching"
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You went to college because you wanted to teach children. It was a lifelong dream and your passion. You wanted to give the children something that a teacher gave to you somewhere along the way. Maybe you went into teaching because you just wanted to share knowledge with children and you thought that it would be a joy. Now that you are there, you have found that teaching is much harder than you thought. The classroom isn’t what it used to be. Students are belligerent and uncaring about anything that you have to say. You find that they don’t want to learn, they want to make your life miserable.

It is hard to stay passionate about a job that is so overwhelming difficult and at times dangerous. However, there is a way to hold onto the passion of teaching. The public school system certainly needs good teachers, so don’t give up on those students who still consider their education important.

Here is how to maintain a passion for teaching:

Remember Why You Loved It

Remember why you loved the idea of teaching in the first place. You wanted to give something to the student and felt that you would do a good job of it. You had a passion to share knowledge with others. Remember those students who truly care about their education and want to make something good of themselves. That seems to be a rare situation today, but the truth is, there are still kids who care.

The Student

There is one student somewhere along the way that you were able to help. You were able to pull that student back and inspire him/her to make something better of him/herself. Remember what you did for that student and keep forging forward to help someone else in the same way. If you ever helped just one student become a better person, you should feel good about teaching.

You Don’t Know Who You Inspire

While you are teaching, you are touching lives and you don’t even know it. That kids who is a loud mouth may be listening to you more than you think. He/she is the student that would never tell you what an inspiration you are to them. There are a lot of students that will enter and leave your classroom whom you will inspire to do something great with themselves. Those students don’t always tell you or even show you how much you have done for them. Keep them in mind when you are ready to give up teaching because it is just too hard.

You’ll Never Truly Be Happy Doing Anything Else

Teachers are inspired to be teachers because they love it. It is something that they dream about from the time they are very young. If you give up teaching, you will never be truly happy doing anything else. You can always make more money doing something else. You can even enjoy doing something else for a while, but in the long run, you will miss teaching because it is in your blood. Keep in mind that this was your dream and try to pull out the things that once made you passionate about teaching. Cling to it because that is what will keep your passion alive.

Teaching is a hard job. It is harder today than it ever was before. Don’t give up on it easily. Find your passion for it again. Find that one thing that inspired you above all other things and keep it close to you. Don’t give up on our kids. They need good teachers now more than they ever did before.


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