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How to Calm your Nerves before an Exam

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"How to Calm your Nerves before an Exam"
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Exams can be stressful and, unfortunately, if you’re unable to calm your nerves beforehand you could find that panic overwhelms you and prevents you from fulfilling your potential. You can find yourself sat at a desk, staring at the question paper and a blank piece of paper that should have your answers written on it. You hear everybody else scribbling away and you feel under pressure to start writing, but your mind is a blank and you are unable to think of a single thing to write. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in this position and so you need to find a way to cope with exam stress.

You therefore have to take action before exams even start by getting into a routine of eating healthily, doing exercise and getting enough sleep. It isn’t enough to simply go to bed early the night before an exam if your body isn’t used to it, as you will no doubt struggle to drift off and when you can’t sleep you can find yourself getting more and more frustrated, thus making it even more difficult. You need to ensure that both your mind and body are well-rested so that when your exams start you will be able to recall facts and figures more effectively and will be able to sit for hours at a time without tiring and losing your concentration.

Eating healthily is important, too, especially on the day of an exam, as even if you think you can’t eat anything as a result of nerves you have to force yourself to. If you enter the examination hall having eaten nothing you will spend the next few hours preoccupied with your rumbling tummy. You won’t be able to concentrate if you haven’t had something substantial to eat, as you won’t have any energy, which will no doubt make you feel stressed out during the exam and affect the answers you give.

On the day of the exam you may also want to consider getting some exercise, even if this involves simply walking to the examination hall, as exercise is a great way to calm your nerves. After a good night’s rest you could decide to get up early and go for a jog or meet up with your friends so you can stroll down to the examination hall together. Indeed, you may find that it is reassuring to talk to your friends about how nervous you’re feeling, since they will be in exactly the same boat. Taking deep breaths and listening to music could also help you to feel less stressed.

Thus, if you want to prevent nerves getting the better of you on the day of an exam you have to ensure you get enough sleep, eat well, exercise and reassure yourself that you can succeed, as long as you apply your knowledge to the questions that are asked in the exam paper.

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