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Factors that Promote Student Learning

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"Factors that Promote Student Learning"
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There are different factors that can encourage student learning.  A lot of these will be the role of the teacher, who can make a huge difference.  Try the following techniques.

Provide hands-on activities

In many schools the children are mostly taught by teachers lecturing to them.  For a lot of students this is not the best way to learn.  They learn more by doing than by hearing.  There are many activities that you can use in order to teach students that can get them involved.  For instance, instead of just lecturing on how to write a poem, let them try it themselves.  Have group discussions instead of just lectures.  Have science experiments and field trips.

Make learning fun

Make it so fun that kids will just forget that they are learning.  For instance, many kids love games and game shows.  You can pretend to have a game show in the class and make a friendly competition on who knows the most about a subject.  You can also surprise them.  Let’s say that you are teaching a psychology class and want to teach about anger.  You can pretend to get angry at a student, have them storm out and then just show them that it was a joke. 

Let the kids have a say in how they are taught

Let the kids suggest some ways that they would want to learn.  You never know when they might get a good idea that can help you.  The kids would feel good that their opinion matters.

Reward more than punish

You may be much more successful if you give rewards for good behavior instead of punishment for bad behavior.  When kids do well, then let them get out of homework for a day.  Give them praise.  Make them want to do well and learn.

Show them that you care

Kids want to feel cared about.  It can encourage them to strive harder to learn.  If a child seems to be having a problem, then you can reach out to them.  Make sure that the kids have someone that they can go to, no matter what the problem.  Be there to support them.

Show them why it is important to learn

Kids might be more interested in learning if you show them why it is so important.  Talk to them about how you will need this knowledge for a lot of jobs.  You also want them to feel like they can achieve if they work hard.  Offer help to those who are falling behind and try to avoid anyone falling through the cracks.

There are many things you can do to encourage children to learn.  The above techniques may work for you.

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