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Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms

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"Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms"
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Overcrowded classrooms have more negative effects than any positive. It is when too many students are in one classroom, making the class tight and over-crowded. There are usually too many students for the educator to cater to directly and many do not receive the education they deserve because of this. Some of the most prominent effects are discussed below.

• Students may be disturbed

Some students are likely to be disturbed by others, either by others talking or harassing them in some way. With the classroom being overcrowded, the educator cannot always see what is happening. It is very difficult for an educator to keep an eye on say 40 plus students when also trying to teach.

• Embarrassment

Some shy students or more introvert students may feel inhibited to freely ask questions or make comments when the student group is large. This could be due to fear from some teasing comments, laughing or other forms of mockery.

This in turn can affect the various students' development, confidence and understanding of various subjects.

• Stressed educator

With so many students, comes more responsibility. Educators have more work to do and have to juggle keeping an eye on the students and teaching. A stressed educator cannot be a good educator.

• Health concerns

Some students may have breathing problems due to being in tight stuffy places. It is much harder for air to freely circulate in a crowded classroom, thereby making some students more likely to feel faint or nausea.

It can be specially unpleasant in summer when students are sticky and hot or are sweating making the classroom environment even more uncomfortable.

• No bond

With too many students in a classroom it becomes difficult for many students to easily bond with the educator and for the educator to bond with them. Too many students make the classroom environment less personal and more of a dictatorship environment.

• Discipline

With many students comes those who may disrupt and need to be disciplined, and in a crowded classroom there is more likelihood of this occurring. This in turn then disrupts the classes for other students, as they are delayed from learning during the class as the educator is disciplining others. It also causes the educator more stress.  

• Cheating

Students in close proximity to each other can cheat or copy others more easily and will be harder to catch them doing it.

• Students at the back and those left out

Students located at the back of the classroom have less of a chance to participate in lessons. Quiet students can also be neglected and educators' questions cannot easily spread round the class. An overcrowded classroom also makes it difficult for the educator to recognize which students are paying attention and which are not.

An overcrowded classroom has many negative effects upon educator and students. It is not an optimal environment to learn in and quiet students are often neglected. Cheating can be done more easily and students cannot learn with ease and pleasure. Measures must be taken not to reach the stage of an overcrowded classroom.

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