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Earth science is the study of the planet and how it directly affects all organisms' lives and their relationship to their environment. Papers that are focused on Earth science topics should cover one or more sub-topics of earth science such as plate tectonics, geology, meteorology, oceanography, or astronomy.

Geology is the study of the Earth’s minerals as well as general composition of the Earth.  One possible topic for a paper is plate tectonics, or the study of the movement and composition of the plates making up the Earth’s crust.  Papers looking into the reasons behind specific earthquakes, the timeline of an earthquake (including warning signs and tsunamis), a discussion of various earthquake measuring techniques, or a paper looking at the current methods being developed to predict earthquakes would make excellent research topics.

Topics of weather, climate, and atmosphere are all part of meteorology, or the study of the Earth’s atmosphere. Good meteorology topics extreme weather image by Calin Tatu from Fotolia.comGoodGinclude atmospheric science, weather, or climate. Interesting paper topics can include how climate changes in various areas over periods of time, how climate is affected by human activities and/or how climate has affected various human activities such as agriculture or culture, explanation of weather phenomenon, an explanation of the spheres of the atmosphere, or how weather and climate have shaped the Earth's landscape.

The many branches of oceanography can also provide many topics to choose from when writing an earth science research paper. ocean image by avtosak from Fotolia.comOceanography is the study of the oceans and their effect on the climate, weather patterns, and geology of the Earth. Paper topics in this area can include studying the effects of human activities such as pollution and development on the ecosystems of the ocean, an explanation of the different layers of the ocean, or an analysis of the different ecosystems contained within various oceans.  

Astronomy is the study of the role of the Earth in the universe.  Astronomy topics include stars, planets, moons, tides, seasons, galaxies, solar systems, gravity, and astrophysics.  Consider writing a paper on the formation of stars, an explanation of the various theories surrounding the creation of the universe.  There are also a variety of historical topics that can be considered for Earth Science papers, including a history of astronomical discoveries such as planets, stars, and galaxies.

Other possible topics would include a biography of various earth scientists such as Galileo.  Papers looking at how the various fields of Earth Science interact with eacvh other can also be quite interesting.

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