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Curriculum Development in Schools in the United States

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"Curriculum Development in Schools in the United States"
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There are many stages of curriculum development in United States schools. Many people blame the government or the teachers when something that they don't agree with is going on in a school. They should realize that there are many players involved in the development of curriculum. This article will summarize and discuss the stages of curriculum development in the United States including federal, state, district, teachers, and the community.

Federal Government

The federal government plays a strong role in the curriculum development in the United States. The federal government passes legislation  that schools are suppose to emulate and be measured by. Federal government sets standards of education levels and requirements for students. Federal government also has a hand in funding, and standards must be met to receive funding.

State Government

The state government determines syllabus and coursework to be learned. The state plays a large role in curriculum because it decides what materials can be used and what must be presented to students in the classroom. The state makes these heavy decisions by forming a board and having hearings where cases can be made and opinions are taken into consideration. The state sets the specific curriculum standards for schools in the United States.


The district's role in development of curriculum is to review what is implemented by the state. The district also determines what materials should be used from the list provided by the state government. The district is also in charge of making sure the teachers and staff of the school district understand and are comfortable with the curriculum by utilizing specialists.


Schools are an important stage in curriculum development because they provide the curriculum to the students. The schools have to decide how to monitor implemented curriculum and stick with the standards of the school during curriculum development.


Another important stage in curriculum development in the United States is the teachers. Teachers must implement curriculum and stick with state, federal, and district standards. Teachers must stick with standards while also getting students involved and learning the curriculum. Teachers also play a role in the state stage of curriculum development because they are part of boards that decide on materials and curriculum in the United States.


The community is a stage that is often forgotten about in the development of curriculum, but it plays an important role. The community plays an active role in deciding what will be taught and what materials will be used. This participation occurs when the community gets involved in state level meetings and decisions.

There are several levels of curriculum development in the United States. It is important that the curriculum goes through all of these stages in order to maximize the potential of learning through curriculum development in the United States.

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