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Creative Materials for Covering a Bulletin Board Background

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"Creative Materials for Covering a Bulletin Board Background"
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Creating a classroom bulletin board takes preparation and forethought. A bulletin board that doesn’t stand out in the room will be overlooked by students thus defeating the purpose of having a bulletin board. The background of a bulletin board is an important part of putting together an eye-catching theme that students will notice.

Wrapping Paper
There are so many prints available on wrapping paper that one is only limited to their imagination in how to use it. Wrapping paper also can have a glossy finish which attracts the eye to the vibrancy. A glossy black wrapping paper will be more appealing than simple black paper and it can reflect the lights in the classroom.

Old fabric remnants or even sheets can add color and texture to a bulletin board. Fabric also has its advantages over a paper background as it will withstand more abuse than paper which means it can be used year after year. For a rustic fall theme, burlap is perfect for covering a bulletin board. The neutral colors match a fall harvest theme and it will survive years of use.

Printed Material
Old books, magazines, comic books, and newspapers can all be turned into a unique background for a bulletin board. The disadvantage to using printed material is the busy print. It takes some creativity to not let the background overpower the items placed on the background.

Newspaper is a unique backdrop for a “School News” theme bulletin board. The lunch menu and/or school calendar can be posted over the newspaper. For printed material items you wish to re-use for another year, you may want to laminate the material so it can withstand being displayed and stored each year.

Because of the thickness, wallpaper is a great material for a bulletin board background. However, wallpaper isn’t cheap. If you are lucky enough to find some inexpensively or have leftovers, save that wallpaper for a future bulletin board project. Even wallpaper border can be used as bulletin board border – your best ideas will come from the items you recycle!

Artificial Grass
Sometimes referred to as indoor-outdoor carpeting, artificial grass is perfect for several different bulletin board themes. The grass can become the backdrop to a sports themed bulletin board or it can be used on the lower portion of the board to mimic grass in an outdoor yard theme. Velcro will be needed in order to attach items to the grass as tape may not hold securely.

To save on the cost of creating unique bulletin board ideas, ask parents for items that you can use in the classroom. Most parents prefer to donate their unneeded items rather than throwing them away. These simple little touches you add to your bulletin board will get noticed by students which make for not only an attention-grabbing board but one that educates as well.

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