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Classes you should take in College to become a Sports Broadcaster

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"Classes you should take in College to become a Sports Broadcaster"
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So you have started your college education, and you have decided that you want to be a sports broadcaster. That is a great career choice, and is something that very few people can do, and do it well. There are a lot of things that go into being a sports broadcaster that make up a great broadcaster. You have to be comfortable talking in front of crowds, you have to know your stuff, and you have to be able to stay objective despite your own personal views. So what classes should you take to get yourself into a sports broadcasting career?

The first thing that you are going to want to do is choose a major that has something to do with sports. A hot new major is sport studies, and it will help you become very familiar with the sporting industry. You will be taking classes in journalism, marketing, business, and along the way getting a feel for what makes a good sports story, and of course debating sports in a lot of your classes. Even if you take it as a minor you would be well off if you at least looked into it.

Make sure you have a heavy dose of communications classes. Whether you are going to minor it it, or major in it, it is a very useful group of classes to take no matter what you are going for. A lot of people I know have a minor in communications simply because it is so important, and because the degree has a lot of classes you can choose from. Whether it be public speaking, or learning about the media, you should be learning about the environment you will be in.

Get an internship if you can. I know that where I went to college the sport studies majors were required to do an internship. An internship will help you get real world experience in your field, and will help you to put your portfolio together. Just like an English major might write a short story, or have to get something published to graduate, having some experience working with a sports team will go a long way toward what you want to do in the industry.

Journalism courses are going to help you as well. If you can get a course that allows you to work with a news channel, or even if you work for your own college network you will learn a lot. You will have the chance to get behind the camera, and the news desk, and learn how to do interviews, and get stories together. It will be a good experience, and something that will both get you college credit in some cases, and real life experience.

If you are going to be a sports broadcaster, make sure you take classes in sports, and in broadcasting. Get a good feel for who you would want to network with, and who you can possibly get a job with. Even though you will have to start small, the experiences that you gain in college are going to go a long way toward securing a sport among the elites in the field.

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