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Bulletin Board Ideas Owls Crafts Featuring Owls Spring Autumn

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"Bulletin Board Ideas Owls Crafts Featuring Owls Spring Autumn"
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Create an Owl Bulletin Board

Owls are a great way to teach kids about nature.  Here are some ideas how to create a bulletin board using the beautiful nocturnal creatures.

Create a nature landscape scene. Provide a large tree for the owls to sit on. Brown construction paper can be used for the tree itself or for reusable tree use craft foam.  The tree can have green leaves or multiple colored leaves for a more autumn looking tree.

Provide each child with an owl template to draw and color. As an option, give older children craft feathers to attach to their feathered friend.

For a practice session with glue and scissors, have each child trace their hands four times on brown and orange construction paper. Help them glue their handprints together to look like feathers. Put two handprints with the fingers pointing up and then two handprints with the fingers pointing down. Curl the fingers to give the “feathers” a more realistic look. Add a brown semicircle on top of the feathers for the owl’s head. Have the children use black markers to draw eyes or cut out circles out of black construction paper for the eyes and glue them on. The children or you can print their name on their owl. Help them attach their owl to the tree.

As an alternative, use paper plates to create the owls. Take one of three paper plates and cut in half for wings. Fold down the top two inches on one paper plate and cut two short slits on the flap, close to the side of the plate. When you return the flaps back up, it will create the owl’s tufts. On the lower part of this plate will be the owl’s face. The third plate will be the owl’s body. Tape or glue the plate wings to the body with the straight edges facing out. Draw the eyes, beak and feathers using markers.

For a spookier bulletin board, make a nightscape with a big yellow moon. Place the owls created by the children around a much larger owl.

List simple owl facts for the children to read and see every day. For older children, create a crossword puzzle or a search a word puzzle with the owl facts for a fun learning activity.

Places to get owl templates:

 DLTK’s Growing Together. Here you will find multiple Owl craft ideas, coloring pages and links to nursery rhymes, poems and fairy tales about owls.

Science Kids has simple fun facts about owls.

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