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Flying a kite is a fun part of childhood.  A cute bulletin board idea is to do one that surrounds these timeless toys.  Consider the following ideas for making this board.

Have the children each design a kite to hang up

One fun idea is to get the kids involved.  They can each make an art project of designing a kite.  You can have them make it from material so that it will actually fly or it can just be made from construction paper and other art materials.  They can glue on embellishments like glitter.  You can also make one big one as a class.  You can then use your bulletin board to post these up.

Post up pictures of different types of kites

You can also place photographs of all different real-life kites on the board.  Some kids will only be familiar with the diamond shaped ones, but there are many others out there.  You will find different pictures on the Internet that you can print out.  You can also make drawings or paintings if you want.  You can also show some artwork or photographs that show a bunch of kites being flown together. 

Show kites from around the world

Kites are flown in many countries as part of fun time and even during certain special occasions.  You can teach the kids both about kites and about other cultures as you show the differences in kites around the world.  You can show the specific events at which they have been flown.

A bulletin board about how kites work

The bulletin board can be educational by showing diagrams and having writing on how kites fly.  This might be great for an older child.  You can get as detailed as you want depending on the grade level of the children.

Post up actual kites

Of course the most obvious way to do this board is to simply post up actual kites.  Because these are lightweight, you should be able to mount them.  You can put up several little ones or find a big one.  There are many places that sell these and you can look for specific ones on the Internet. 

There are many different types of bulletin boards that you can make about kites.  Consider the above ideas when planning your boards.  You can also combine several of the ideas such as if you have children draw kites from around the world.

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